Winning & Development


You will not find more competitive people than our own coaches who all enjoy winning. However, we are not willing to win at any cost. Long term player development is our primary focus and the development of each individual is paramount to team development.

GGFC  coaches are not judged by their win-loss record. The score of a game is not more valued than the quality of play, the amount of improvement in individual players or evidence of the children trying their best. This is not to take away from the importance of the match. Why not focus on the score? So that coaches don’t sacrifice the development of any one player over another and seek a victory for themselves or to pad their own resume. 

The biggest clubs in the world, Liverpool FC, Arsenal, Ajax, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Boca Juniors, don't focus on team results until U18 and even then they aren’t concerned with scores and league standings because they are focused on developing players who will move to the the first team. This philosophy has been supported by all of the major soccer authorities in the world and GGFC as well.  

Our coaches were/are top players in their own right, so from personal experience they have an intimate understanding of the balance between short and long term results and player development. At GGFC we always consider the individual player’s development and the development of each team but we never compromise the integrity of the game and how it should be played. Technique, speed (of thought/recognition, technical speed, change of speed - acceleration and deceleration), tempo & rhythm and tactical understanding and appreciation are all important facets of the game.

We all recognize that competition comes with emotion -for players, coaches, parents and fans- and can bring out some of the best and worst qualities in people. We all want our players and teams to play with everything they have, to play well, and have fun. We want them to be well coached, play on a team that is competitive and benefit in a host of ways from being involved in competitive soccer. Yet parents and coaches sometimes undercut how much fun our kids have, and how much they will actually benefit. This happens by and through our behavior, especially during games. 


We ask that parents kindly observe our code of conduct so that every player can benefit from our teaching, and our coaches can coach the game and help every player enjoy the game experience. 

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