Understanding the process of playing soccer in college can be confusing. We have streamlined the information for a better understanding of what to do and when.

#1. Create your Player Profile
#2. Identify the Schools you are interested in attending. Go to those websites and read the soccer team page.
Things to research:
1) coaches resume
2) team history
3) academic reputation/areas of study
4) Roster size, positions and age of players (If you are a forward and there are 5
fwds on the roster, you might not be needed despite how good you are.)
5) Conference and non-conference opponents
6) If it all looks positive - Fill Out The OnLine Player Profile provided on the team website. This is seperate from the one you create on your own. 
Writing Coaches:
In a letter to a college coach, you should be sure to mention the specific reason you are interested in that school (major, location, conference, loved the campus etc), a compliment or something that mentions your awareness of the success of the program.
(This makes the letter stand out and seem personal, thoughtful and required some effort).
Do NOT cc: every school you are interested in, in one email.
Along with that be sure to mention graduation year, and position and list any upcoming game dates in case the coach is available to see you play. (Be sure the letter is from the student and not the parent.)
Sample Email:
Dear Coach____________
My name is Casey Sommers; I am 17 years old and play for the Charles River United Soccer Club. I am currently in my junior year at North Attleboro High School in North Attleboro MA. I play left midfield. I have begun my college search and find that your university and soccer program are on the top of my list. I love the atmosphere of the campus with the old stone buildings and the ability to step out into the city for a change of pace. Academically, Fordham has several degree options that I am considering, and I look forward to the challenge of such an excellent university. I feel that I could be an asset to your program due to my skills and speed with the ball. Please find my resume and game schedule attached for consideration for the class of 2011. Thank you in advance for your time.
Yours in Soccer,
Casey Sommers
# 2 CRU Cheetah
** Less than 2% of high school student athletes (all sports)
receive scholarships to play sports in college.
Of that 2% the average scholarship is only equal to $3,000**
How do you know what level you are capable of playing at?
Go and watch college games and see if you think you can honestly play with them, play better than them or if the level is too high
Pay attention to the coaches that call you, what division are they?
Ask the coach if they have money available and if you would be considered for it (after they have seen you play).
Common misconception is that if you play for a good team or if you are the best player on your team you will be noticed. You have to contact the coach and let them know you are interested FIRST, especially if it is not a local college or university, otherwise we may not even know you exist.
You have to keep your grades up and apply to college just like a non-athlete would. Good grades are also the best way to earn a scholarship. Academic requirements, you might be a great soccer player but have a 2.5gpa, so that limits your options as to what school you will get into …help yourself by doing well in school.
Visiting Schools
Official visits
Unofficial visits
Just stopping by
You have 5 official visits (paid) to use, if invited by the coach, to stay over night at a school. You have unlimited unofficial visits (unpaid) and you can always stop by on your own.
The easiest way to know what kind of school you would like is to actually go and see it, preferably when school is in session.
Some schools offer specific degrees…engineering etc. Make sure they have what you
think you may want to study. My rule was at least 3 degrees of interest, in case I changed my mind. Narrow down: think size of student body, city, academics, big name, Div I, II, III.
Housing options- guarantee 4 years of housing, off campus housing, commuter school?
Location…do you want your friends and family to be able to attend your games? Realize that being 30 minutes away from home is still away from home, and you will feel freedom and independence.
You got in, now what will they expect of you
Fundraising/Community Service
Don’t be afraid to walk on…if your dream school didn’t get the chance to see you play because it is across the country…realize your skills, stay confident and walk on. But make sure you confirm that they host walk-on tryouts as that is not an NCAA requirement it is a coaches decision.
You have to maintain a certain GPA to play on the team for all four years.
Each school and division of athletics has different level of commitment. (i.e. Div 1 is year round training and playing, and Div. 3 is mainly the fall season with 3 weeks in the spring)
Here is a website with all helpful information on the college athletic experience.
Website to search for tournaments/showcases:

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